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Make Winning Decisions

Straightforward, self-serve eCommerce analytics to help you convert, engage and retain more customers.

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Pragmatik AnalyticseCommerce Analytics without the confusion!

Since forever, eCommerce analytics software was seriously bad. It was hard to understand, time-consuming to use, and worse, it created a disjointed view of your business.

Pragmatik is eCommerce analytics that don't suck. We've revolutionized store analytics by making them easy to use and joined them to your marketing data; giving you clarity to make critical decisions faster.

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eCommerce Events

Track and analyse: product views; add to carts; cart abandonments; checkout; orders; shopper demographics. Dig into how people interact with your store and learn which behaviours lead to conversions.

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Multi-Channel Ad Attribution

Connect the Ad Platforms you use to Pragmatik and let our attribution engine work out which ads are driving positive engagements on your store. Grow your profit margins by spending more on ads that work, and less on those that don't.

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Accurate Analytics

30% of people use ad-blocking technology to hide ads, which also kills analytics scripts. Pragmatik's script by-passes ad blockers, meaning we can capture every site engagement, all without having to compromise anyone's privacy.

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Search engines and shoppers alike love fast loading sites. So do we, which is why our analytics script is blazingly quick; loading 2 times faster than Google Analytics. Reduce bounce rates with a faster loading pages.

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First Party Data

Our analytics script integrates with your domains and server side code. Meaning you no longer have to fear the 3rd party cookie apocalypse. With Pragmatik you own your data and you're in control.

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We sell software, not data

eCommerce is a data driven game and we know you need great tools to compete against retail giants. We're on your side, which is why we'll never profit off of your data, and are only motivated to empower you with software that lets you compete.

UnderstandData to answer any question

We've built pre-defined dashboards so you can visualise important metrics that help you monitor and grow your store. Go beneath the surface to learn how customers arrive, what they browse and the behaviours tied to sales and brand loyalty.

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